Women Of Purpose Ministry

Women of Purpose Ministry are ordinary women serving an Extra-Ordinary God. We are multi -cultural, multigenerational, multifaceted and multiracial group of women whose expressed purpose is to strengthen, encourage, develop, equip, coach and empower women in ministry and those who are still exploring. We do so through Bible study, prayer & intercession, fellowship, teaching and encouragement; in order to discover and fulfill the plan and purpose of God in our lives. God has chosen us in these last days to play a key role in spiritual awakening of the church for the end-time revival.
We intercede for our families, friends, the communities, cities, governments, and countries etc. petitioning God to work His miracle in everyone’s live. WOP ministry seeks to promote healthy living and lifestyles among the women, while promoting physical, mental fitness and health (e.g. muscle conditioning and cardio Latin based dance and various workout programs). We encourage everyone to be financially smart, and be wise money managers. We want every woman to feel loved, and accepted for who she is in Christ Jesus so that she is transformed, changed and empowered to live out Christ’s endless Love and Divine Grace.
Women of Purpose ministry endeavours to assist women in becoming catalysts for sustainable change in their lives, and the lives of others.