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• A Thought led to a Dream
• A Dream was confirmed by a Word
• A Word became a Reality for a decade and Beyond…
God said “My people in Scarborough need a leader, a man after My own heart, who has My heart of love and compassion for the hurting, the lost and lonely, those wandering around like sheep without a shepherd”.
Then God said, “Whom shall I send?”
There was a man from humble beginnings who had dreams of doing great things for God.
Rev. Dr. William Lee was a modern day David who had slain his share of lions and bears in the back side of the mountain, a man who knew that his God was bigger than his beginnings, bigger than his own limitations, a God who would use him to change a generation and more, if he made himself available.
So with trembling voice, he said, “Here I am Lord, send me”.
And so began the VWIM journey under the inspirational leadership of Rev. Dr. William Lee.
The Lord handpicked seven ordinary people who were dedicated to the vision and willing to join their hands and hearts with the chief visionary and under-shepherd to help fulfill God’s destiny for his life. They were the early armor-bearers, the encouragers, the ones who worked alongside the anointed and appointed man of God to usher in the dawn of this life changing ministry.
God has indeed honoured the faithfulness, not just of the original group of eight, but of the many who, early in the life of the ministry, locked into the vision, and dedicated their lives to see People Touching People become a reality.
The ministry was officially launched in March 2001 with its largest ever Membership Induction Service to date with over 70 new members joining hands in covenant partnership, many of whom are still with us to date.
We have been stretched and challenged. We have faced many obstacles. But we can say, “Thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Corinthians 15:57).
In 2001, we started out in rented premises. A woman of God, whose ears were attuned to God’s leading, with a $100 seed offering, challenged the Senior Pastor to “Rise up and build” (Nehemiah 2:18). Five years later, in 2006, we entered our own modern facilities now worth over $3 million, with state of the art equipment, offering a contemporary worship experience and cutting edge programmes and glorifying God who made it all possible.
• From the Living Room to the Classroom,
• From the Classroom to the Guest Room,
• From the Guest Room to the Upper Room,
• From the Upper Room to the Jerusalem Ballroom.


We have come this far by faith –What a journey!
Over the years, we have experienced the Power of Miracles. We have Launched out into the Deep. We determined that the Voice of God Must be Heard. We marched forward to Possess the Gate on our way to Supernatural Breakthrough. As the years have progressed, we sensed that God was preparing us for New Beginnings and challenging us to reach for Higher Heights.
Right now, we are Walking in the Overflow of God’s Blessings!
Do not miss your portion… Come be a part of this mighty movement of God!