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It is the express command of God that the Gospel of the Kingdom should be made known to every nation. The command is accompanied by a promise that he will empower or allow all who go.


At VWIM we believe that Jesus Christ is the answer to the needs of people from whatever culture or ethnic group. Therefore, it is imperative that we take up this basic Christian challenge. We are a missionary church and belief in spreading the Word and giving back.

List of various Missions offered at VWIM:

The mission trips are all encompassing, which means while evangelism and crusades are our main focus to preach the word we also participate in humanitarian work, especially among the poor and disadvantaged. Our mission team serve alongside our partner churches, participating in various activities that may include construction, workshops, teaching basic English reading skills, and skill programs (i.e. Computer, woodwork crafts, etc.). We helped to train young people in basic computer skills, sewing, hotel management, cooking, baking and professional painting.

How you can get involved:


Pray, Give and Go

Not everyone is called to go to the mission field. Not everyone is capable of giving to missionary work. But all of us are capable of praying for missionaries and their work on the field.
Through the church or directly to the missionary by:
a. Donating gently used and new clothing, shoes etc.
We pack and send barrels to several countries in order to help the needy
b. By generously giving monetary contributions
Talk with your pastor if you are interested in a short-term mission trip

Future Missionary activities (drives, contributions etc.):
If you feel God is calling you to serve on a short-term mission trip oversea in the near future, please consider one of our VWIM team opportunities.

Recent Mission Trips:
• St. Vincent: September, 2014
• Haiti: August 2014
• Jamaica: May 2014
• Guyana November 2014

Past Mission Trips:
• Nigeria
• Malawi



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