Couples Ministry

The Couples Ministry is designed to meet the needs of married couples in the church.

In Genesis …. God said that it was not good for man to be alone and He provided Adam with a partner that was suitable for him. We thank God that there is an avenue for couples to engage in spiritually uplifting social events that are exhilarating, challenging and fun.

Many times we forget that it was God who ordained the institution of marriage and that through Him we can have a union that is blessed, solid, exciting and fun. If you come to one of our Valentine’s dinners you and your spouse will never be the same.

Through this vibrant ministry we are able to minister to many young couples, some who are facing various challenges. We use our own life experiences to help others walk through situations that face them. We pray with them and mentor them and together we become a force against any onslaught that the devil may bring against our unions.

As part of its regular program, the Couples Ministry provides avenues for couples to interact with each other. The sharing of testimonies and the Word is always a blessing.

Our highlight for the year is the annual Couples Retreat which serves to enrich the lives of those who attend. Getting away together has helped couples to form strong bonds of friendships with other couples.

The future looks good as the VWIM Couples Awareness Group continues our mission of sharing and helping to bring awareness to the importance of love and respect within our marriages.

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